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Chinese BL Novels

Just recently I have been reading Chinese BL novels too much than I should be, again neglecting RL. Reading none stop and ignoring sleep. It's a mess whenever I can get a hold of another novel, trying to finish until the end or up to the latest release of the English translation.

Anyway, I feel like listing what I have read so far and sort them according to my likeness.


  1. True Star / 巨星 by Wan Mie Zhi Shang / 万灭之殇

  2. Till Death Do Us Part by Tangstory

  3. Ti Shen / 替身 (Body Double) by Bei Tang Mo / 北棠墨

  4. Selling Body After Waking Drunk by Yan Si

  5. A Cruel Romance by Ni Luo

  6. Ban Lu Qin Jun by Ling Bao Zi

  7. Love Late by Lan Lin

  8. Feng Yu Jiu Tian by Feng Nong

  9. City of Endless Rain by Julie

  10. Force Majeure by Lan Lin

  11. Xuan and Gu Kai’s Heart by Fei Ying Xi Xi


  1. Cold Sands (Beyond the Frore Dunes) by Mu Yun Lan Qing

  2. Beijing Story by Beijing Comrade

  3. The Rental Shop Owner by Xuan Yuan Xuan

  4. Yesterday by Feng Nong

  5. War Prisoner by Li Hua Yan Yu

  6. Mao Pai Xin Niang (Counterfeit Bride) by Zi Yue


  1. Jus Primae Noctis by Xing Bao

  2. Hua Hua You Long by Xin Bao Er

Ishihara Satoru and manly men

Gosh I miss reading the works of Ishihara Satoru sensei. After finishing Neo Arcadia which was illustrated by Akira Norikazu, I've come to miss those manly men of BL manga. Ishihara Satoru's chara style is heavy lines and angular outlines combined with her stories that usually exhibit tensions between the uke and seme. Ishihara Satoru themes vary from school mates, friends, motorcycle riders, novel authors, to yakuza men. The air of rivalry which can equates to equality issue between her men is mostly mentioned in her works. Ah, I miss her manga. Such a pity that there are still many of her works are not scanlated.

Speaking of Akira Norikaza sensei, her works tend to be yakuza themed though she mentioned she didn't have any in mind at first. Her stories are mostly all right. I've enjoyed the humors or punchlines. Nice art too. 

Kano Shiuko's boys also belong to manly men but her works are all smut centered than on the story. I think only Punch Up that has the deepest story told when amnesia was incorporated and more backstories from the charas.



I hereby announce that I condemn CI YAOI - http://community.livejournal.com/ci_yaoi - for what they are doing. They steal download links and files from scanlation groups, post and reshare the files without permission from the groups. They have no respect whatsoever to the people who buy the books, scan and translate those projects.

I condemn them and I won't have anything to do with them. I don't tolerate such actions. I hereby state that I am not a member of CI YAOI community and I will never steal from any scanlation groups or re-share without permission.


What is happening to our world? We just need to respect each other but it seems so difficult for some to understand. :(


Lately I have been rooting for this pair and the manga has been in my favorite list to read ever since the first scanlated chapter was released. Yep, the manga scanlation is not yet finished. But what can I do about putting them up in favorite list? Hahaha. For the cute one and a bit angsty story and with delicious art, this is in my top favorite BL manga read right now.

The manga is entitled Toshishita no Ryuugi, a work of art by Maruya Kae sensei who is also one of my favorite BL mangaka. I am horrible in making summary but if you can bear with me, please read on. You been warned. ;)

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Completed List of BL Novels

I have a lot to rant about novels and what happened to me during that period of my so called life. Things got pretty busy and I haven’t got any spare time to even blog though I was pretty excited to but prior tasks, errr…RL stuffs took over. I can only read after I’ve done or exhausted to do my projects/tasks. Anyway anyway, I’m here for the reason that this is the time I’ll organized my BL stuffs here. So far these are my completed BL novels below.

BL novels completed ranked according to likeness:

  1. S (Esu) by Aida Saki

  2. The Man Who Doesn't Take Off His Clothes by Konohara Narise

  3. Nemuru Usagi by Konohara Narise

  4. Cold series by Konohara Narise

  5. Hako no naka by Konohara Narise

  6. Utsukushii Koto by Konohara Narise

  7. Gentle Cage by Shizaki Yuu

  8. Sono Yubi Dake ga Shitteiru (The Lonely Ring Finger) by Kannagi Satoru

  9. Eat or Be Eaten (Kuu ka Kuwareru ka) By Fuyuno Jinko

  10. Aibiki by Asato Eiri

  11. Desire: Dangerous Feelings (Yabai Kimochi) by Kazumi Maki

  12. Passion - Forbidden Lovers by Gotou Shinobu

  13. Don't Cry Mama by Konohara Narise

  14. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai by FUJISAKI Miyako

  15. Better Than a Dream by Sakuragi Raica

  16. Love Times by Konohara Narise

  17. Kiss no Ondo by Kuga Arika

  18. Eternal Love  by Takaoka Mizumi

  19. The Aristocrat and the Desert Prince (Kizoku to Nessa no Ouji ) by Tono Haruhi

  20. All You Need Is Love (Ai Shika Iranee yo) by Fuyuno Jinko

  21. Sleeping with Money by Katagiri Barbara

  22. The Lonely Egoist by Masaki Hikaru

  23. Green Light by Tamaki Yura

  24. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Yoshino Chiaki no Baai by FUJISAKI Miyako

  25. Dark Walker by Yura Hikaru

  26. A Promise of Romance by Akitsu Kyoko

  27. Sweet Admiration by Kousaka Yuuki

  28. Body Language by Morimoto Aki

  29. Secret Moon (Tsuki no Himitsu) by Gou Shiira

  30. Caged Slave by Takamura Yuiko

  31. Immoral Darkness (Fudoutoku na Yami) by Matsuda Miya

As you may have noticed or if you are fellow fan who rely also for uploaded or translated works, then in the above list are most of them.

This is also a good opportunity to thank those people for their hard work. I really appreciate those who allotted a time to scan or translated the novels for us, fellow yaoi fans. Without those stuffs, I can’t get my hands on them as I am just poor (I swear). Rest assured that I don’t spread what you’ve shared/uploaded. I know it’s for personal viewing only.

Ahemm…and of course, thanks to the mangakas (story and art) for the novel. ^_^


Incomplete: Reading BL Novel

The Guilty Verdict by Izumi Katsura x Takanaga Hinako
I read volume 1. It’s boring reading it. Not much elements in it. It feels like a drag. l will continue reading the rest of the three volumes when I feel like it.

Answer by Sakiya Haruhi x Yamane Ayano
I read up to chapter 5 (part 1 of 3) which was translated by suzume. She did a wonderful job translating it.

Shinpu wa Yoru no Hanayome by Asuma Risai x Asato Eiri
This was translated by Storm in Heaven up to chapter 3.


Plan To Read: BL Novels

Plan to read and looking forward for these BL Novels to be translated or scanned by someone with kind soul out there ^_^
  1. Suggestion  by Sakiya Haruhi
  2. Only Ring Finger Knows Volume 5 by Kannagi Satoru
  3. Sayounara, to Kimi wa Te o Futta  by Konohara Narise
  4. Flower and Dragon by Ioka Itsuki
  5. Double Helix by Yoshihara Rieko
  6. Picturesque of a Mask  by Hanamoto Romeo
  7. Sekai ga Owaru Made Kimi to  by Sugihara Rio
  8. Restaurant Games  by Tobita Moe
  9. Kamitsukitai   By TAKAMORI Isaya
  10. Sweet Room ni Ai no Mitsu  by ?,  Art by Yamada Sakurako
Scanned/translated but I will still find the time or when I feel I like reading them
  1. Only Ring Finger Knows Volume 2 to 4 by Kannagi Satoru
  2. Viewfinder by  Kuga Mayumi & Yamane Ayano
  3. Ai No Kusabi The Space Between by Yoshihara Rieko – scan ongoing
  4. Mirage of Blaze by Kuwabara Mizuna – translation ongoing


BL Drama and how it affects my life

Recently, I've spent more time listening to BL CDs. Hahaha, it's funny thinking that I am actually making an effort to make time for it. With a lot of requirements to do and lot of real life stuffs on the way, that's something to me.

Ah, I wish those wonderful BL dramas have translations or many fans translated them. I wish to understand the dialogues, though I can make only few words from it. It's difficult to appreciate the story without knowing what's going on.  Learning Japanese is not a quick options right now, though I wish I can.