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BL Addiction and Beyond
9 September 1980
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I just happen to love shounen ai and yaoi. Apparently, it was not an instant feeling of falling love when I read one first. It was a gradual change and then one day, I got hooked reading manga continuously that I even ignore most of my RL stuffs. They say it's called addiction, and yeah that's probably what happened to me one year back (I started reading shounen-ai a year before that). After manga, I spent some time in BL CDs. Unfortunately, only a few has translation which is a pity since there are many interesting ones to listen to. I listen to some raws but it didn't last long. I understand few words and I can make out some things in the drama but it's different when I really have a good understanding of the whole story. The voices are the great factor in listening to BL CDs and I recognized this fact after listening 2 or 3 dramas with stories I like. But, like I said, even with great voices of seiyuu I love it's still great understanding the flow of the dialogues and the story as a whole.

When it comes to novels, it was not instant hit also. The first one I read was Only the Ring Finger Knows volume 1 after reading the manga. I still love graphics so novel was somewhat just a slip in the moment of BL manga reading session. The second was The Lonely Egoist since Minase sensei did that art and some kind soul updated MU for sensei's profile. The third one was I forgot which one of them...S (Esu) or Sweet Admiration. One thing is I read S (Esu) after listening to my first BL drama DeadLock series (my most anticipated because of Takashina Yuu sensei's gorgeous novel illustrations). The turning point was after reading Konohara Narise sensei’s The Man Who Doesn't Take Off His Clothes. This novel was awesome (great writing style) which kept me reading till dawn. If not the fear of no sleep I wouldn’t let go till 5:30am that morning. The rest is history. -added April 2010

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